Sunday, August 10, 2014

Attitude #2 The Wealthy Plan to Succeed

In this blog post we will continue to deal with the distinctions of wealth, broke and poor as in the post of a few days ago. Both wealth and poverty are a state of mind and broke is only a lack of money.

The wealthy plan to succeed
There is a difference between creating an intention or goal with the attitude that you will succeed versus trying to minimize your losses. The wealthy have intention. Many of the rest of us have goals, and some folks don’t even have goals.

A poor person is more concerned about not losing what they have, not in how to bring more into their life. They are looking for security and operating at survival. The wealthy attitude is about abundance and creating more. If your goal is to have enough money to pay your bills, that’s about all you will generate. I was there in my first marriage, and that’s no fun.

A goal is often an extension of the past. Someone might say, “Last year I earned $200,000. This year my goal is $250,000. That would involve working a little smarter, faster, making more calls, or looking for bigger contracts. Again, that’s looking to the past, not the future of what’s possible. Maybe what’s possible is $1,000,000 of income. If that’s the intention, do you think the actions will be different than those for a goal of $250,000?

Although I speak about achieving goals in the Wealth On Any Income book, you will see it’s designed to create actions from the future, not the past or the present. While I didn’t use the word intentions in the book, it is based on creating a future from what’s possible.

When you either write or state your intention out loud, or a goal from the future not the past, you do NOT need to know how to achieve it in order to speak or declare it. The “how to” can only show up after you declare your intention, and it does show up each and every time.

An intention comes from what’s possible. John F. Kennedy spoke about putting a man on the moon. That was an intention. We didn’t have any equipment or technology to do it at the time. But because he had intention, we created the reality. Try it for yourself.

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