Sunday, August 17, 2014

Attitude #6 of the Wealthy - Opportunities & Challenges

In this blog post I will cover the final two attitudes the wealthy operate by:
11.    The wealthy look for opportunities, not excuses and
22.    The wealthy have challenges, not problems

I think the first one is self explanatory. We’ve all heard, and made, excuses at one time or another. We were late because of “the traffic.” We didn’t finish some project because of “an unexpected emergency.”

When it comes to creating wealth, excuses don’t cut it. Opportunities are all around us if that’s what we are looking for. If you decide to go into business for yourself, all of a sudden business opportunities will show up everywhere. For the first time you’ll notice the sign on your local Subway sandwich shop looking for franchisees, or out of the blue a friend tells you they want to start a ski school. It’s like when you buy a new car all of a sudden you see so many more of the same car on the road than you did before.

Semantics are important. If you have a “problem,” it feels like something ugly you have to face. And it’s not a pleasure to face it. If you have a “challenge” it’s not as ugly, and many people like to be challenged. And they like the feeling of overcoming the challenge. 

I have a close friend, Ralph White, who is a business coach to some extremely successful business owners. His coaching clients are the CEOs of companies that do up to 100s of millions of dollar in sales. He says, “As your intentions grow in scope, so do your challenges. There will always be some challenge that you’re working to overcome or problem to solve on the way to success. Often times I find people are working on too small of a challenge or problem. So, when they solve it, they still don’t have what they’ve been striving for—instead they end up with maybe just enough money to pay the bills. I use intentions to steer clients into larger arenas with bigger problems and more opportunity for sensational results.”

The point is, you want to look for big problems or big challenges. Those produce the big results and the big money.

In one of the next blog posts I will talk about the six conditions needed to accomplish any goal, from creating wealth or losing weight to getting a promotion and even kicking an addiction. You might even be aware of some, but not realize the tremendous power when you use all six together.

It is NOT a do-it-yourself project, and will power is NOT one of the conditions.

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