Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Secret Formula to Create Wealth

Do you want to know the secret formula for becoming wealthy?
When I saw this formula for losing weight, I knew it had an application that would fit producing results in any area of life, from running a marathon to having a great realationship, and was the same formula for creating wealth.

You need to know I did not invent this. Some of my wealth concepts are original, but they are based on proven results. This came to me in an email from Susan Thompson and she said it was created by 'Abdu'l-Baha. I know from my experience it really is the secret formula for success in any endeavor. Ready?


If you want results, first you need to learn about the subject matter. That's what's so great about a good book, and my Wealth On Any Income book is great, based on what others have said. With the right knowledge, you've got one major piece of the puzzle in place.

But knowledge alone won't produce results. My mentor used to say, “Knowledge is the booby prize.” Knowledge alone produces nothing.

The next thing you need is volition, which is the will to make it happen. Volition also includes a decision. Once you have truly made a decision, the universe conspires to support you in achieving your goal.

And once you know what to do, and you decide to make it happen, the final step is ACTION. This is what allowed me to go from working and earning $5000 per month to a $25,000 per month passive income.

You can get the knowledge for $25. Just send an email to me at Rennie@WealthOnAnyIncome.com and I will explain how to get a fully updated and revised version on my award-winning, best-selling book. As a reminder, 100% of the profits from my book sales, presentations and coaching are donated to www.ShelterToSoldier.org

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Create Wealth and Save Lives at the same time

My wife Dianne happens to be the chairperson of the Berkshire-Hathaway Home Services Charitable Foundation in Southern California. A real estate agent recently brought to her attention a charity that I am fully behind. It is www.ShelterToSoldier.org

This charity takes dogs from high kill shelters and trains them to be service dogs for soldiers that return from war with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

100% of the profits from an investment in any of the Wealth On Any Income products, programs, or my coaching are used to benefit Shelter to Soldier™; a 501c3 non-profit organization

Every 63 minutes a U.S. Veteran commits suicide. That is an average of 23 precious lives every single day. And every 11 seconds, an animal is euthanized in the United States.

Your investment in any Wealth On Any Income program creates the donations that can change these statistics. You will be supporting a program that provides services for our troops at home and helps to save our 4-legged angels who have no voice.
These dogs are saving the lives of the people who protect our freedoms. For more information on this charity you can go to http://www.SheltertoSoldier.org

You can learn how to create wealth and at the same time support war veterans and rescue dogs that might otherwise die.

I do not yet have all of my products, programs and coaching information loaded on my website, but you can see a couple of items at https://inverlife.refersion.com/c/46a63 


Credit Unions for Home Loans

Based on a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, it appears credit unions have been coming into the home lending business for several years, and they are competing well against the big banks like Wells Fargo and Chase. And membership in the credit unions is not limited to the small groups of the past.

As an example, the Navy Federal credit union, which is the nation's  largest, in March 2015 closed over $1 billion in home loans. And membership is not limited to navy personnel. It is open to all military branches, both active and retired military, civilian employees, contractors and all sorts of family members. Even partners who are living together and are unmarried can be eligible.

And they offer low down payment programs of the FHA (3.5% minimum), zero-down payments, and no private mortgage insurance premiums. You might think this would lead to higher loan loss ratios, but it does not. The overall serious delinquency rate as of March was less than one percent (.57%). They have been following the guidelines of the "ability to repay" years ahead of the requirements congress enacted.

While the maximums might not fit houses in large metro areas of CA or NY at $650,000, it would still be a fit for most areas in the United States. The next time you go shopping for a home loan, check out credit unions and see if you qualify to be a member.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bad Address Creates Credit Score Problem

In a recent Los Angeles Times column (Sunday, February 15, 2015) someone wrote into Liz Weston about how she applied for a store credit card six months earlier, and apparently the creditor input the wrong address from her application.
            When she called the store to make her first payment, she was told she needed to wait until her card arrived and had her account number before she could make a payment. But due to the wrong address the card and later statements never showed up and it was referred to collection.
            She wanted to know what grounds she had to dispute this.

            I found the reply satisfying. The writer was told the Fair Credit Billing Act requires a creditor to notify the account holder their rights to dispute errors. In addition statements are required to be sent when there is activity, such as a payment due. Based on the wrong address none of these requirements appear to have been met.
            On that basis she could argue that the lender was in violation of the federal law by mailing to the wrong address, and her credit score was therefore damaged.
            Once the store was notified of the error of the wrong address, it should have called off the collection and fixed the problem.
            At this point it would be appropriate to contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at www.ConsumerFinance.gov for help in resolving the dispute with the creditor.
            In addition it was recommended that she contact the credit bureaus and order copies of her reports and dispute any negative information.
            More information and help can be found at www.Credit.com which was created by Gerri Detweiler.  The last step would be to hire a consumer law attorney that can be found at www.NACA.com if the lender refuses to remove any derogatory information.
            Hopefully you never need this information, but here it is in case you do.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Two dozen free gifts

 Hi Folks,
I am always excited to share with you some great resources to help you succeed in all areas of your life, not just real estate and finance.  

So I am really excited to share with you a cool event that I'm participating in with other amazing coaches, authors and speakers where we are providing  you some of our best tools and techniques, for free! 
Get Your Year in Gear Giveaway  

My fellow colleagues realized that we would love to be able to help each other grow our influence so we created this event where we each offer a gift in our own expertise.  
You can choose to download as many gifts as you want, in whichever area that could help you in your life. 
I'm personally giving away the updated version of my Wealth On Any Income book and my other wonderful colleagues are sharing information and products on a variety of topics:   

  • Finances – creating wealth, income mindset, soulful money
  • Health – losing weight, having more energy
  • Personal Growth – reaching goals, success mindset, happiness, joy
  • Relationships/Family  – manifesting love,  housework,  family issues, elder care
  • Coaching – coaching techniques; strategies for building your coaching business, income, and/or email list
  • Business – attracting clients, sales training, starting your own business, online marketing

I know there is something there just for you, so have a look at it. And even just clicking my link will help me. Every click I receive moves my giveaway higher up on the page. So if you could please do me this favor and who knows, you could find a freebie there that really makes a difference in your biz and life this year. 
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