Friday, August 8, 2014

Earn 8-12% with as little at $2500

In this blog post I’m going to interrupt the flow on the topic of how the wealthy think and provide some information about how to earn 8-12% on small amounts of money, as mentioned in my email when I offered a free copy of my revised book, Wealth On Any Income.

Here are some investment resources that should be helpful:

1. Peer-to-Peer lending: You can deposit as little as $2500 and make loans of $25 to people who are looking to pay off credit cards, consolidate loans, or make home improvements. Read all the details and disclaimers at

2. There are several mutual funds with long stable track records. Here are two examples of investment companies that have mutual funds that have earned 9-12%, not interest, over many, many years:  does not charge a load

3. You can also purchase individual stocks of blue chip companies through

I recommend the concepts in either the new (2008) book by Bill Staton if you want to buy individual stocks:
Double Your Money in America's Finest Companies: The Unbeatable Power of Rising Dividends
or his first book: The America's Finest Companies Investment Plan 1997

For a free copy of my best selling, award winning book, Wealth On Any Income, log onto , enter your name and email address and press the button that says “Click here for your free book.”

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