Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Secret Formula to Create Wealth

Do you want to know the secret formula for becoming wealthy?
When I saw this formula for losing weight, I knew it had an application that would fit producing results in any area of life, from running a marathon to having a great realationship, and was the same formula for creating wealth.

You need to know I did not invent this. Some of my wealth concepts are original, but they are based on proven results. This came to me in an email from Susan Thompson and she said it was created by 'Abdu'l-Baha. I know from my experience it really is the secret formula for success in any endeavor. Ready?


If you want results, first you need to learn about the subject matter. That's what's so great about a good book, and my Wealth On Any Income book is great, based on what others have said. With the right knowledge, you've got one major piece of the puzzle in place.

But knowledge alone won't produce results. My mentor used to say, “Knowledge is the booby prize.” Knowledge alone produces nothing.

The next thing you need is volition, which is the will to make it happen. Volition also includes a decision. Once you have truly made a decision, the universe conspires to support you in achieving your goal.

And once you know what to do, and you decide to make it happen, the final step is ACTION. This is what allowed me to go from working and earning $5000 per month to a $25,000 per month passive income.

You can get the knowledge for $25. Just send an email to me at Rennie@WealthOnAnyIncome.com and I will explain how to get a fully updated and revised version on my award-winning, best-selling book. As a reminder, 100% of the profits from my book sales, presentations and coaching are donated to www.ShelterToSoldier.org

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